Message from The Bishop

Dear Friends,

In last Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is not accepted by His own people in His home town of Nazareth. They did not like Him challenging them about their stereotyping of outsiders.

They also could not see Him for who He really was because of their presuppositions about Him.

A reminder for us not to be trapped in the way we perceive others because of our stereotyping and prejudices.

A reminder to have a profound respect for all people, those who are different and those we know well, or the ones our culture and society stereotypes!

Bishop Charles Gauci

Message from Cathedral Administrator/Parish Priest

“For where two or three are gathered in my name,
there am I among them.”
Matthew 18:20

Greetings to all in the Name of Jesus Christ!!!!!

I am delighted to welcome you all to St Mary’s Star of the Sea War memorial Cathedral, the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Darwin, which is also the seat of the bishop of the Diocese of Darwin.

This cathedral is the breathtaking outcome of generations of support and contribution from the Catholic community and represents the spiritual origins of the Catholic Church in Australia.

This Cathedral has a rich history and heritage which dates back to late 19th Century.

The most significant one was during World War II, when this church was the seat of the garrison of the military chaplaincy for Australian troops in the city.

Being a war memorial cathedral, it helps commemorate all our brothers, kindred, men of Allied Nations, who showed to the world the ultimate point of sacrifice.

The existing Cathedral grew out of a need for a new and larger church, as Darwin grew after the end of the 2nd World War.

The first stone for this Cathedral was taken from Rum Jungle, the site of the first Uranium mine in the territory, and was blessed by Bishop O’Loughlin on 13 July 1958.

The cathedral was blessed and opened for worship by Bishop O’Loughlin on 19 August 1962 and consecrated on 20 August 1972.

The simplicity of its structure, the poignancy of the service and the purpose of its charitable services all represent the faith that leads to a shared humanity.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, invites all who enter this Sanctuary to appreciate their own fundamental worth and destiny. We are one, beyond all distinctions of race, religion, nationality or economic class.

As you navigate our website, it is my hope and prayer that you will be informed about who we are, enlightened by our missional initiatives. Finally, you are invited and encouraged to worship with us. As Bishop O’Loughlin addressed in the opening ceremony about this congregation, “Darwin has a spirit of tolerance unequalled in any other part of Australia, and perhaps the world, a tolerance of race, language, colour and creed.” Come, visit us and be part of this community!!!

If you feel the need for prayer please do not hesitate to call our church.

May our patron Mary, Mother of Jesus, bless you and your family abundantly

Fr. Tom Jose Pandiappallil CMI

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